Embacy issues Emb coin!

We reward friendly referrals with our handcrafted tokens.
1 EMB = 5-day design sprint

You say

High five, but please remind me, who you are?

Our homepage states that we make digital products stand out and stick around

No magic, we just know exactly how much time any project will take, commit & invoice in advance

It’s our Method, Man.
Check him out in Figma or Notion

You ask

Ok, so how do I redeem my Coins?

Generally our sprint costs $2,5k = 1 EMB.
You can use them for any of your design needs

Website design

Norma took 1 EMB
Potok took 2 EMB
Bankex took 3 EMB

Corporate identity

For Bankex STO we have built identity in one 5-day sprint.


One more Figma file, with one sprint interface build process

3-handshake guide

how to earn EMB

Step 1

First handshake

Fill the form below or email us at hello@embacy.ru to join our referral program. You will get 0.5 Emb just for joining

Step 2

Employ “The rule of 6 handshakes”

Recommend us and any lead will bring 1/5 Emb to your piggy-bank. BTW You can check our pitch cheat sheet.

Step 3

Shake hands with the Project manager

Exchange 1 EMB to free design sprint. We will book for you first free time slot.

Ok, Embacy.
Maybe you have an ace up your sleeve?

We have one,
watch our hands!

Everyone you refer to us will get a free style concept + title screen as a “loyalty bonus”

Start your EMB Hunt
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